Monday, March 28, 2011

No Longer A Baby, She's A Toodler & It's Tea Time

It's just about that time,  "Tea Time" for My Little Baby Girl, and we are hoping everything will be just so.  So many ideas and so much planning. But, I don't want to go it alone. So I'm sharing just a few of  the ideas that I'm dreaming of for her very first birthday with you. 

The theme will be an all Girls Zebra Princess Ballerina Tea Party for Mommies and Daughters.  Please keep in mind that this is my daughter's first year, and she's super girly and that has inspired my ideals for her party. 

The ideas and activities for the party are a bit varied, but are well intended.  I have less than two weeks to pull everything together so your input is appreciated.  I'm well pass the time to make final decisions which is like last week, I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

I turned 44 last week, and my last child before this one was in 1988.  Since then I've experience much in my living and hope to take advantage of those experiences and make the most of this 1st birthday.

For one, the girls must have tutu's, and I know some of you are saying those are not for tea parties, but remember this is a Zebra Princess Ballerina Tea Party.  No one will be turned away for not wearing a tutu but instead wearing a tea party dress and hat.

I plan on my baby wearing a beautiful Tutu. As a matter of fact, I have two being custom made and I can't wait to see which will be the most heart warming. I've also enter a contest to win a Tutu, just as a back up from a blogger/vendor I found on DebbieDos blog earlier this week! With a little luck maybe I can win it!

In addition, I am dreaming about the table setting. I'm fully aware that this is not a wedding, but it feels something like a once in a life time special event, I mean you only turn 1 once, right! Unlike the multiple 21 year old birthdays which occur every year after 35. 

Have you ever experienced having dinner with friends on your birthday, and when the wait staff comes over to sing happy birthday and they ask how old are you today?  You either state you don't give out that information or you say 21 even if your 21 year child is sitting there with you.  It's always funny to see people turn 21 time and time again.

While celebrating my 44th birthday at Pappasitos restaurant with my baby girl in hand, and the question of my age came from the waiter, I was to happy to state 44, and he whispered, "Did you mean to say 21 or 25?" and I repeated  to him 44.  He must have thought I was crazy, because he said that no one had ever told him to say 40 anything!

 Remember you only turn 1 once!!  So I'm envisioning little girls in tutus, beautiful chairs, and a beautiful table setting with layers of black, white and hot pink of course balloons.

In church yesterday a lady which I've not met before came over to my husband and myself and informed us that she had been thinking of our little girl and her hair bow all week.  She stated that it is one of the highlights of each Sunday for her.  That was more confirmation for me that her first birthday party should be a memorable one.  I have no idea how I will pull this off and stay on budget.

So, I would like your feedback and ideas.  Please share your thoughts.  Below I have listed just a few of the things I am dreaming of.  Next step might be professional help on how to have a dream party on a budget....., let me know your ideals?      

Wow this is pretty!!

Now of course, we need to consider the activities and attire when selecting the decor.  So below are the outfits that I have been imagining.

Of course these little princesses must have tiaras and wings!

 Last but not least, the cake.  No party is complete without a cake and these are sure to get your sweet tooth going.  In addition, I'm adding cupcakes and cake pops.   Yummy!

 Let me not forget to mention that Paris needs to be a part of this theme as well.  Here are a few of my ideas.

Delicious and I know you are wondering how can these things be incorporated.  If you're not; know that I am!  But this and the zebra are must haves for me.

Now I think this party should be fit for a little princess.