Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Union Of Two Pharmacist

The union of two pharmacist.

While she was persistent in positioning herself for the medical field, he did not decide until after a few years into college. While their paths, interests, and schools appeared to be very different, they both discovered many similarities from the number of siblings in each of their families to the fairly close proximity of their childhoods growing up.

She has been fellowshipping in the same church for more than twenty years which was located just a stones throw away from the playground that he spent many afternoons as a child. So once married he became apart of her church family as he was unwilling to up root her.

While he’s been practicing pharmacy for nearly twelve years she's celebrating her eighth year. During their five years of marriage they have started their own family that encompasses an one year old Madison and a three year old Allison. The completion of their family is still to be determined as there is hope for a son.

In addition, to family the Eckford’s have purchased their first home in which to raise the children. Since this was something that they avoided during their DINK years (double income no kids) they have just began the process of personalizing their house and transforming it into their very own home.


With his mother being the ultimate reference for Beautifully Done Custom Drapery, the Eckford’s have always known whom they would be contacting once they were ready because during their courtship he and her were both sold on the high quality design, materials, craftsmanship, professionalism, and care that Beautifully Done Custom Drapery took while further enhancing the beauty of his mother's home.

Now after, first hand experience utilizing Beautifully Done Custom Drapery themselves, the Eckford’s endorse Beautifully Done Custom Drapery every chance they get. Whether it be the magnificent drapery in their formal rooms, the towering two story drapery in their family room, or the hand crafted custom diaper bag Beautifully Done Custom Drapery made for them.

If you would like to arrange for your very own in home consultation, you may contact them directing at 281-820-0139 or email at

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Seasons Of Generosity

It's that time of the year when people come together and show all sorts of tokens of appreciation for one another through the spirit of giving.  Tis The Season Of Giving!

However, your giving is; and can be appreciated all the seasons of the year.  We would like to hear from you and acknowledge all those who have given not only for this season but at anytime of the year. 

We understand that everyone has needs rich or poor and that we all have the capacity to give in our on special ways. 

There are so many that have been a blessing to others with their gifts of companionship to the lonesome who may have lost a love one.  While others have donated blood or even organs to save the life of another.

Although, financial giving is common place and necessary in many instances, we recognise that our giving is not always in the monetary form and would like to hear from all that have given in their own special way. 

So keep the post coming and we will consider them as presents under our tree.  Have yourselves a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where can I find Seamless Execution and a Flawless Design?

Seamless Execution and a flawless design is what goes into a "perfect window treament"and it is how it qualifies for the words "Custom Made" by Beautifullydone Custom Drapery!!

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered what it is that just makes you want to stay a while?? Why am I so happy in this room or space? Why do I feel I will miss this place when I have to go? This often happens when you visit a 5 Star Hotel like ZaZa's of Houston or Dallas or a 5 star restaurant like Brennans of Houston, my personal favoirte, you often feel a void when leaving a certain space that has captured your mind, heart and sprit! This is what is on the mind of those who commit their lives to creating breathtaking window treatments like the staff at Beautifully Done Custom Drapery.

Many wonderful clients have sent us photo's of "our" work days after leaving their home, as though they cannot beleive we have left something so meaningful with them, there is no greater complement then to hear the words "thank you" from a client a week after installing their custom made drapery!!!

We have often found that a Custom Drapery client is often a Little Girl who's Mom is looking for the perfect birthday gift! We all know about the hype behind the Perfect Pincess Birthday party these days, but one should consider the fact that a perfect princess also has a beautiful bedroom adorned with awesome custom window treatments and stunning custom bedding to match.

The good news for Fathers is that this gift will be around for more then one birthday. The perfect little Princesses room, will be a great place for many tea party play days for your little angel. Nothing beats a litte black and white Zebra, lime green, and ofcourse pink in any little Princess, Rockstar's or Diva's Room.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why I love Artist "Kathy Womack", Martha Stewart and Custom Drapery

I am a Woman who loves beautiful things, and my passion is Jesus the Lord, my family and my home. I have always been inspired by Martha Stewart's saying "It's a good thing!"

For me she is saying " that good home decor offers much to be enjoyed"! Martha Stewart has added so much to my life as a mother and wife. She has enhanced my journey with excitement and joy!

Laundry is not my favorite chore, but when I think about the words "It's a good thing!" I think of beautiful towels folded so perfectly, and in an instant, I get excited to fold them just as a luxury hotel would.

Just to know they'll be waiting for my husband after he's has enjoyed a nice long bath or shower makes me enjoy the effort that goes into the perfect fold of each bath towel. I think that every wife should be able to create a space for her family that says's you are from a special place.

Additionally, I also love Mrs. Kathy Womack! My heart melted while visiting her Austin Gallery where I was lost until the gallery found me. Being that I love to create beautiful custom drapery for each client I meet, and I always drawing inspiration from all things beautiful which is exactly what this lovely lady paints" The beautiful life"!
I was blown away by each pair of lovey Beautiful Drapery and rich paint colors pallets and wall treatments.

The beauty of her work for me, is in her ability to capture the richness in each setting. You will be instantly transform by the mere looking at any one of her painting and your will move to a very special place!
I took advantage of my opportunity to pick up three of her paintings in Austin a few years back.
I was also able to meet her in Houston and I was so excited that I had to get the plates she offers as a part of her collection!

However, the funny part of this story is when a guest in my home pull one of the plates out of the cabinet to eat from. I still laugh at the look that I must have had on my face, as a look is worth 1000 words!
Fortunately, I exercised circumspect and kindly point out other plates that were more suitable. You can check Kathy out at to see her complete collection.
After getting my first three pieces from Kathy it inspired my favoite selection of Drapery work my, my Dinning Room Drapery totally inspired by some of Mrs. Kathy Womack's work.

By the way Kathy I would love to come to Austin to do your Drapery!!!! Martha you live too far away, I have a 16 month old Baby Girl, that would not be ready for a long road trip yet!

I love beautiful custom window treatments because they allow me to feel as though I am somewhere special.
Beautifully Done Custom Drapery is located in Houston, Texas , and we would love to transform your windows. We can be contact via e-mail to arrange for your personal in home consultation.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 Under-Appreciated Things About Custom Drapery

Not seeing the difference does not always justify not paying the difference!  This especially applies when it comes to beautifully done custom drapery. 

The following are the top five under-appreciated things about custom drapery:

  1. "A picture is worth a thousand words." Unfortunately, with beautifully done custom drapery, that saying doesn't quite apply. Many of the factors that make a custom window treatment so extra special can't be seen in a picture.  For example, custom drapery are fully lined, making them fuller and heavier versus unlined store bought curtains.  Store bought curtains will generally come in a limited variety of fabrics, textures, and colors.  The store purchasing department usually tend to select budget friendly fabrics and simple designs to appeal to border audiences.                    
  2.  Lining makes the difference. Beautifully done custom draperies are lined with a thicker poly cotton fabric that blocks the sun.  These linings can be singular or layered in application depending upon fabric, design, and budget.  While most drapery are totally adequate utilizing a single lining; other fabric and designs may require an interlining and or black out lining to provide additional protection from an east or west window that receives direct sunlight.
  3. Tailored to your needs.  Custom window treatments are made especially for your room the way you'd like. Store bought curtains are designed to please the majority of consumers. These include curtains that are made with solid, neutral colors and standard sizes. If you need to dress a very wide nursery window in pink and brown toile fabric, you will have a hard time finding the perfect window treatment that you want. Decorator fabrics come in a wide range of colors, prints, and sizes, giving you endless custom options that most store bought curtains don't offer.
  4. Long term investment. Beautifully done custom drapery when well thought out are more like flooring and cabinets in that they are seldom changed and will extend ten years upwards before changes will be considered.  Custom drapery will out perform store bought curtains five to one when it comes to durability and style. 
  5. Installation. Whenever you choose to purchase beautifully done custom drapery you are likely to get a professional drapery installer as well.  The benefits to having a professional hanging your custom drapery are priceless.  Professional installer differ from your son, husband, or yourself in that they are skilled in measuring and are likely to measure twice and drill once.  The average installation time will vary depending upon the design and the number of layers in the treatment, but it is safe to assume that it will be a fraction of the time it takes to install store bought curtains which generally offer more challenges in that materials are budget friendly and inferior to the heavier duty commercial materials and parts of professional installers.  
There are many more reasons why beautifully done custom drapery are better than store bought, but the most obvious is value. Beautifully Done Custom Drapery will add character, elegance, and value to your home pay for themselves through lower energy costs, enjoyment, and not to mention the great selling points that you gain if you ever decide to part with your home.

As always remember to schedule your in home consultation today, contact us at phone 281-820-0139 or email us at

Monday, June 27, 2011

July 4th Independence Day Celebrations

The July 4th Independence Holiday is one of the largest celebrations of the year.  This holiday is widely celebrated outdoors since it's summer and the skies are generally clear.  Most states and cities generally offer some level of a  fireworks displays as long as weather permits.

While many families get together for backyard poolside barbeque's and cold refreshing drinks.  The gatherings are likely to run throughout the day from early morning to very late into the evening as the fireworks displays are best viewed at night.

Many people purchase their own non commercial fireworks that can be enjoyed at their personal residents.  This will vary from state to state and many times within the states, and individual cities, counties, and parishes.

But what will have no restrictions is the great food, fun, and fellowship.  There are sure to be many outdoor kitchens and charcoal pits blazing, smoking, and filling our breezes with the sweet aromas of mesquite, hickory, and pecan.

Not doubt many professional party planners, decorators, and caters will be on hand to assist with the decorations that will create events that will be memorable fun, festive, and detailed down to the red, white, and blue ribbons, up to the carved watermelon, cantaloupe, and melting ice sculptures.

No matter how you decide to celebrate your Independence Day Holiday, be sure to have fun, eat plenty, and be safe. 

As always remember to schedule your in home consultation today, contact us at phone 281-820-0139 or email us at


Monday, May 30, 2011

The Heat Of Summer Time!

In the heat of the summer there is no shortest of light peering through your windows.  Particularly the two story Texas sized windows.  The bigger the better or the bigger the window the bigger the utility cooling bill.

These large two story windows on our homes will no doubt add beauty, character, and charm to homes and highlight the elevation of the exterior.  But they seem to be the most enjoyable in the cooler months of the year.

In the heat of the summer these huge two story windows will present an abundance of challenges from blinding light piercing through and making the room feel uncomfortable and difficult to maintain climate control to the fading of flooring, furniture, and fabrics.

A simple solution to counter act many of these issues, is to frame or cover the window with beautifully done custom drapery.  Framing the two story window can reduce the effects of the sun by reflecting, diverting, or filtering the sun's powerful rays. 

Covering the window with functional custom drapery is another way to complete close off the window until you are ready to enjoy it's beauty and magnificence.   Ceiling to floor custom drapery with the proper lining will not only keep the room cool but can enhance the decor of the room and make a lasting statement when people enter while at the same instance add elegance and warmth to your room.

When covering the window completely with beautifully done custom drapery you will want to use decorative rods or a beautiful top treatment valance that will conceal the construction of the strings and cords that will allow for the drapery to move back and forward drawing them open and close.

The two story window drapery will not only block out the sun, but they also add beauty and drama to your room with their height and splendor.  When you enter into a room with windows that span twenty feet in height ceiling to floor and are framed with beautifully done custom drapery, you can't help, but to pause.  These drapery will command attention and conversation.

To make arrangements to get your Texas Sized Two Story Window covered you may contact us to schedule your in home consultation today at phone 281-820-0139 or email us at

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dad & Grads

Who says that Dads and Grads can't enjoy a Happily Ever After Home?   Yes it's that time of the year for the celebrating of our new graduating class.   So many have work very hard for these memorable moments.  So in an effort to make the most of this special time and milestone in their life, we will host celebrations to show our graduates how proud we are of their accomplishments and set the tone for our expectations of them to not just cross over the stage with the diploma but to cross over from partial responsibility to full responsibility. 

Maybe not all at once, but at a good and steady pace.  So our party will be a bit more sophisticated than celebrations of past.  All our decorations may even seem to be more formal and corporate as we are sending a message in the festivities that the corporate world is ready and waiting for you.  Along with landlords and utility companies.

Of course we are ready to get started with assisting them to make furniture selections and offer decorating tips that they are sure to reject.  We expect that they will attempt to reinvent the wheel and find a unique style that is a juxtaposition for our own.  They just don't understand that we want them to find themselves and their own style, just with a some guidance from us or the assistance of professionals.

Dads are usually not to broken hearted about this time, because he excited that now is his time to make some long overdue changes.  From getting his driveway and garage back to perfecting the man cave.  Of course any interior decor changes will have to be approved by us even though it is his man cave. 

Our recommendations for your new graduates are as follows;  the sofa and windows coverings of course!  Once you these foundational pieces are properly selected, it will be hard for your graduates to make a muck of the space.  Your graduate will be more than willing to allow your input as the accessories are the more affordable elements of the space.   We offer a wide selection of fabrics and textures tosatisfy whatever your new graduate can imagine or dream up.

Our recommendations for Father's Day are as follows;  get going on the man cave right away as the baseball and basketball season's are coming to an end.  As you are sure to be expecting his support with your recent graduate's new domain.  The man cave will look great with some of our leathers and suede's.  We can custom make upholstered cornices with decorative nail heads, flowing panels and coordinating pillows.

To schedule your in home consultation today contact us at phone 281-820-0139 or email us at

There is still time to have it installed before Father's Day, but hurry and time is running out.   Also CLICK HERE to see our Major Announcement.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

World's Greatest Mother’s Day Gift Alternative That's Lasting

A special day of public acknowledgement and appreciation!  I’m sure that many would agree that one day set aside to acknowledge and show appreciation for mothers is hardly enough. It is such a short amount of time in comparison to the benefits that have been received and some that are still being received.

A mother’s love is like no other. It’s constant, unbroken, and unchanged. Through our faults, hurts, and disappointments. Mom’s seem to have a way to make our cloudy days bright and cheer for us no matter whether we are winning or losing.  It seems that we hear the their cheers exceptionally loudest when we are down or discouraged.  Mothers cover our faults with love and remind us that no matter how high or far we go they will always have a desire that we continue to look up to them.

So, is it even imaginable to try and package all this type of love into one single day of acknowledge that can measure up in any amount of adequacy.  Surely we can take note of our mother’s many sacrifices as well as the many times that mothers have put others before themselves.  So it's no wonder why it usually requires a  great deal of thought to come up with the ideal gift.

Typical and predictable year in and year out gift ideas:

Taking your mother out to eat may on the surface seem like the obvious idea, but consider who cooked the day before Mother’s Day, who will cook the day after, and not to mention your Mother’s Day meal is likely not to be the only meal of the day! So back into the kitchen mother will go.

Flowers are beautiful and mother’s love and expect them, but they’re not likely to make it through the week.

The sweet aroma of designer lotions and perfumes are sure to be in abundance at each and every retailer, but they just don’t quite hit the mark or even come close to what has been poured into each us from our mothers.

The Alternative

Why not consider allowing mom to live the dream and put herself in front for a few moments, by completing the honey to do list and pampering her with some Beautifully Done Custom Drapery. While diamonds are a woman’s fetish, I’d have to say that a beautiful well kept home is a close second. Nothing will satisfy her obsession with pride in homemaking like Beautifully Done Custom Drapery.

Understand that women have a special relationship with fabrics, silks, cottons, and chenille’s. Of course you never had a clue, and that’s why I’m filling you in. Take a minute to consider your mother’s wardrobe closet. I imagine that it contains just about every fabric commonly known to man. You're sure to find all sorts of scarf’s, belts, hats, and blouses in an assortment of colors, styles, and fabrics. Women love to dress their windows just as much as dressing themselves. So don’t delay or wait another second, now is the time to totally surprise your mom for Mother’s Day.

There’s still time to make her appointment today and allow her to shop until her hearts content.  You may contact Beautifully Done Custom Drapery via email or phone.  CLICK TO EMAIL OR CLICK HERE TO DAIL.

Friday, April 29, 2011

William and Kate to be named Duke and Duchess

It's official!  Prince William marry's his bride Kate whom now desires to be known as Catherine. 

Photo Provided by Associated Press

Photo Provided by Associated Press

These newly weds will be now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The royal family announced this shortly before the wedding which should avoid giving the newest member of the royal family Duchess Catherine any title that would implicitly compare her to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Photo Provided by Associated Press

Yes this was a wedding of all wedding and sure to be recorded in history this way and modeled for many years to come if not longer.  From the ring to the carriage ride.  Some many little princesses around the world will hold on to this fairy tale of a nuptial. 

Of course, this is just happily ever after home's cup of tea.  From the ring, dresses, to the hats, all so royal and whimsical.  We simply love the uniforms and the dignitary.  All so formal and adorned and well appointed.

Photo Provided by Associated Press

The ceremony an all it's splendor and decor, just make our hearts flutter and our heads spin with joy and excitement.  We are likely to watch and talk about this wedding for years to come or until Prince Harry decides to marry.

Photo Provided by Associated Press

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Toddler Has A Zebra Ballerina Princesses Tea Party!

We made it! The party is done and it was a success! So many elements to the Zebra Ballerina Princesses Tea Party!

Selecting a party planner prove to be the most beneficial, to the entire process. The planner was punctaul, efficient, and detailed in every aspect of the party for our toddler right down to the labels for each of the hot pink sippy cups. Which I found to be valuable as they are little people and of course who would want their little girls pretty outfit soaked with liquids.

The hot pink sippie cups were a perfectly fitting, and coordinated well with the little princesses' tiaras and zebra stripped wings. There was a mural that carried the theme of the Zebra Princess Ballerina Tea Party.

The theme of the party became so varied do to our attempts to blend the toddler's zebra inspired room decor which was one of her largest birthday gifts, which included a zebra cowhide rug, zebra comforter, pillow, and the most beautifully done custom drapery.

Many of the girls arrived with adorable ballerina tutu skirts that were simply breathtaking. With the assistance of the party planner we were able to introduce the Tea Party element by bringing in plastic formal Disney tea sets. The party planner thoughts were that the Disney tea sets would allow the girls to enjoy tea time while simutamously eliminating the concerns of damaging the more fagile tea sets.

In the years to come the girls will be able to transition to more fine china such as The Mud Pie Tea Set pictured above. This was one of the birthday gifts purchased by Mommie and Daddy from the Chic Baby located in Houston, TX 281-397-8700

OR, Mommie's favorite collection by Royal Albert, Pattern, Old Courntry Rose, one of the most high collected pattern in the world..

The birthday hat could only be used as a prop, seeing how the 1 year olds seem to be disagreeable to wearing it for any extended amount of time. The party planner exercised her creativity when it came to placing many of the treasured items, that were purchased so long ago when the theme had not been quite established.
If there is to be a princesses, then there has to be a throne, and at this Zebra Princess Ballerina Tea Party, there was one that was completly outfitted with it's very own black and white tutu.

The Party Planner provided a large cardboard castle and washable colors in which the little girls had a blast coloring in washable colors. This turned out to be a great, safe, and fun activity for the little girls.

Finally, the party planner had the little princesses to sit around indian style for the reading of a popular Tea Time book. She simply enchanted them as she read so beautifully to them.

We adorned the Birthday Girl with a custom made zebra birthday shirt with the numeral 1 on it all trimmed out in pink, provided by the party planner as apart of her packages. The outfit was completed with the noisy squeaky shoes by Moo Shoe, which I found at the Chic Baby in Houston, TX

The birthday girls' God Mother found this zebra pinyata for party, which I personally feel in love with.

Desserts, desserts, and more desserts. Total of five different bakers for pastries. Lemon bars from Sweet Luxuries here in Houston, Ms Heather, delivered them to the door, each one with a little note of the words from Psalms 23, which was a big part of our little girls birthday party. We did our best to include it on anywhere it could be printed, from the invitations to the Thank You notes. The Cookie Art Cart here in Houston , Mrs. Janice delivered the most beautiful numeral 1 shaped cookies to the door. The party planner Mrs. S. Monique, provided the Zebra marshmallows, brownies, fruit skewers. Too many cupcakes to count, some provided by the bakery at, Kroger Grocery Store in hot pink, white, and of course a little black. We purchase the cake from the bakery at HEB in Spring, TX which would be a total suprise as the baker had no sample of what type of cake we wanted, only a picture that we provided. Although, there was no evidence of them every making a cake that resembling any of the pictures we provided, it turned out great; both the main cake and the smash cake. The custom made hot pink and black gift basket which included baby wipe case covered in Zebra, trimmed in hot pink, bib, baby doll, and blanket with her name, and so much more was provide by Mrs. Tammy Silva 281-250-6616 in Pearland,TX was one of the birthday girl's more personalize gifts, and will always be a reminder of her very first birthday.

Mission Accomplished, with the assistance of the party planner and Daddy working behind the scenes to carry out all the little details like the wooden tea pot cut out for the front yard, the tear down, and clean up afterwards, and the returning of all borrowed and rented items, Mommie was able to provide the birthday party that she had been dreaming of for her little baby birthday girl. So much Thanks goes to our fanatasic party planner Mrs S. Monique here in Houston, TX, she blew my mind with the sandwiches in the shape of a Crown for our little Prinesses. I hope one day she can show me how she did that, so I can have them for Hope in her lunch box when she goes to school, to make sure she remembers she is Mommies little Princess along with her other two sisters, and two Prince brothers.