Monday, February 28, 2011

Best and Worst Dress Oscars

Now who doesn’t have an opinion on the best and worst dressed for the Oscars. It’s difficult for me to imagine that anyone would be able to make it on either list.

This is an evening to shine and most do just that. Many begin their preparations in advance as much as year contracting with fashion designers and consultants. There is much fuss just about the color, much less the design, style, and cut.

The end result is a much labored over design brought to life, which is sure be nothing short of creatively amazing and astonishing.  The things that can be done with fabrics and embellishments is trully an art form and skill.

photo by Chris Pizzello - Sandra Bullock

photo by Jason Merritt Jennifer Hudson

photo by Jason Merritt - Natilie

photo by John Shearer - Halle Berry

When it comes to decorating the home or dressing your windows with custom draperies, this is an intensity that is just as equal to what goes into the attire for the Red Carpet evening gowns. It is so much about color, personality, and lifestyle. These are just a few of the considerations that we make when working with you to create Beautifully Done Custom Drapery  for your home.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 1

My Spring Cleaning List


Let's begin at the street and get the driveway and sidewalks power washed, of all the Fall & Winter's dirt, mud and grime.  My driveway is sort of long so I'll be needing to prepare a lunch.  The garage is filled to capacity, therefore adding the chore of digging out that power washer.  But of course garage is on the schedule to be cleaned and reorganized.

While power washing the drive way and sidewalks, I should be able to clean out a few of the weeds that have settle into the cervices between the slab pours.  This will only represent a small portion of the weeds that will need to be eliminated during this Spring Cleaning and preparation for the most beautiful season of the year.

In addition to eliminating weeds, I will also be inspecting the sprinkler system for leaks and actual coverage to plants that have survived the brutal winter season.  This will just provide a minimal jump start to the next day.

Quick Summary of My Spring Cleaning Schedule:

1 Driveways, Sidewalks,  & Gutters
2 Weeds, Crabgrass, & Insect Control
3 New colorful annuals, & plants.  Prune shrubs & trees
4 Tidy up and replace any missing hard scapes
5 Windows, windows, windows!  Wash the windows and see the house instantly brighten up

6  Next clean the car inside & out ( vacuum, shampoo carpet, wash & wax all the winter neglect )
7  Tackle the garage making 4 piles ( Trash, Give Away, Sale, & Keep )
8  Moving inside;  Will go room by room ( De cluttering, Dusting, Paint Touch Ups, & Stain Treatments )
9  Clean & Re caulk as needed and re grout as needed
10 Fresh coat of paint for trim & baseboards.

11 Organize Closets - Purge all clothes have not been woren in a year or more.
12  Clean walls, picture frames, television screens, and computer monitors.
13  Dust blinds, shutters, drapery, and floral arrangements
14  Flooring; vacuum, mop, and buff floors.
15  Clean air ducts and replace filters

16  Inspect all faucets and fixtures for leaks (repair if necessary)
17  Optimize furniture placement where necessary.
18 Oil any squeaky hinges if necessary
19 Replace any pillow over one year old
20  Eliminate paper piles (Neat machine can help)

When list is completed; take a break relax and enjoy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fresh Looks For The Spring

Spring Cleaning

We have all heard the phrase Spring Cleaning but chances are that most of us know little about how it all came about. It is said that you can trace spring cleaning all the way back to the Persian New Year. This is actually the first day of spring and the Iranians would follow khooneh tekouni before the New Year started. Knooneh tekouni actually means to shake the house. This is where they would thoroughly clean the entire home and everything nit before their new year started, hence the name- spring cleaning.

In North America, spring cleaning has become a regular thing for most all families. Spring time is still the time of year that this ritual is done because March has proved to be the best month weather wise for this large cleaning project. Weather in March is not so hot that cleaning would be unbearable and you can open the windows to help ventilate when you kick up the dormant dust that has been hiding in your home. The strong winds in the spring time help to carry the dust away and the air is just right so you are not attacked by insects. The actual time of year that spring cleaning is done can vary from one country to another based on the weather that they have.

When you set out to do your spring cleaning, you should consider all the things that need to be taken care of such as putting the winter clothes and supplies away for the next year and get the house cleaned very well from being closed up from the cold winter weather. Many people like to go with a list so that they are sure to get everything done. You can go with a room by room guide that details all that needs to be done in each individual room such as the bedroom: stripping the bed and putting fresh linens on, flipping the mattress, wiping the walls down, cleaning the curtains and/or blinds, cleaning the ceiling fan and switching the blades for the warm months as well as the usually dusting and vacuuming. You will also want to wash the little things that normally just get dusted like the little knick-knacks.

There are many people that use spring cleaning for the wrong reasons. They use it as an excuse to not do things the rest of the year as they say they will get to it when they do their spring cleaning. This is not what spring cleaning is about. You should not use it as a way to avoid cleaning your house the rest of the year. There are certain things that need to be done on a regular basis so that you can maintain a clean and healthy home for you and your family. It is important to dust and vacuum regularly so that you do not have a buildup of dust mites as that can make you sick and can really be harmful to those that have allergies to dust mites.

Spring Cleaning Activities:

It is good for you to get yourself a list together when the spring season rolls around. There are plenty of websites that offer free to do lists for spring cleaning. It is best to go with a room-by-room guide so that you will be sure to get everything. The lists will help you to stay on track and keep you organized so that the spring cleaning will go much faster. You do not want this once a year task to take up too much of your time. By keeping a to-do list, you will be ahead of the cleaning when the time comes. It can be helpful to collect storage bins or containers so that you will be able to store away your winter items with ease. You will also want to stock up on the cleaning supplies so you will be ready to attack the once a year cleaning tasks with no trouble at all.

Many people also find that this is a good time to go through their clothes and get rid of the things that the kids have outgrown or things that they do not wear any longer. If it has sat in your closet for longer than 12 months and you have not wore it then you can say it is safe to donate it or sell it in a yard sale. If spring is upon you then you will want to get your list together and get ready to get your home in order.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Saint Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated days of the year. Not to say that we are in need of an excuse to engage in romance with the significant person in our life, but there is much more emphasis made of this particular day to go over and beyond our everyday ordinary nights and evenings that we spend with each other. What we generally do isn’t much different so long as we do it bigger and better than we normally would.

This includes everything from when the flowers are delivered, where we have dinner, what we wear on the date, and how we are transported for the evening. In most scenarios it can be more beneficial when we can achieved romance while simultaneously gaining something exceptional as custom drapery, that will extend well beyond the day.

This 1500 year old holiday is one that is celebrated by couples exhibiting or professing their love for one another through the expression of flowers, chocolates, and / or gifts. Heart shapes and the color red are commonly considered when making selections that can range from fruits such as cherries or strawberries to a bedroom make over utilizing silk fabric curtains along with a coordinating comforter and complimentary  pillows.

While many will follow the obvious path, placing their emphasis on greeting cards, roses, chocolates, dinner, lingerie, or jewelry. Some may want to explore the road less traveled by making over the master bedroom, creating a space that will add ambiance and serve as a retreat and romantic suite for many Valentine’s Days to follow.


Take this year to avoid the temporal items such as greeting cards that are likely to end up somewhere in the bottom of a draw or waste basket along with the wither flowers. Attempt foregoing the fancy dinner and dessert that will be all but forgotten by breakfast.

Instead consider well thought out window dressings with coordinating pillows and throws that can accomplish dual purposes, creating a five star master suite that is your very own to keep and expand as often as you desire, while fulfilling your urge to expand the decor of your home.

Valentines Days going forward should be much easier to facilitate after establishing a foundation of a warm and ambient master suite with the use of custom made drapery, comforter, and pillows.