Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Woodlands Black Sofa Decor Predicament

Woodlands Black Sofa Decor Predicament

A homeowner which will remain anonymous, indicated that they were at an impasse with there black leather sofa.  As the investment was significant and they have grown tired of their classic black and white decor and custom drapery.  So this dilemma became know as the Woodlands Black Sofa Decor Predicament.

Black leather sofa are always a great starting point for me, but I must say the I definitely have empathy for this Woodlands homeowner, and even more so if this Woodlands homeowner has a fear of color which is the case for more people than you might image.  So many folks desire to play it safe and stir clear of the local Woodlands hardware store paint departments, but elect to change the custom drapery instead of the wall colors.

Let's assume that these Woodlands homeowners are not so fearful of color since they added a wild card to the Woodlands Black Sofa Predicament, which is all reds will be considered inferior and the least likely color to be used in the equation.  Now this handicap will up the ante for me as red is one of my favorite colors, particularly with a Woodlands black leather and the many shades of red that can be used in custom drapery.

These are just a few rooms with splashes of red that I really enjoy.  I can only wonder if these Woodlands homeowners have seen such magnificent and stunning uses of red in the fabrics of custom drapery and pillows.  Okay, let us get back to the Woodlands Black Sofa Predicament. 

Dear Woodlands homeowners I'm confident that you are aware that black leather furniture adds elegance and sophistication to a room precisely the very reason you choose it. Understand that leather sofas can also impart style and comfort to your living room.  You may decorate around your black leather sofa, using contrasting color and fabrics.  Be sure in when selecting the new decor you avoid dark and drab colors that will make the room feel small, instead use light and bright colors your paint and custom drapery.

Of course I love utilizing sharp and elegant contrasting fabrics though the use of custom drapery.  The sharp features of the black leather furniture with soft, airy fabrics such as relaxed cotton, linen, or silks will make your room scream and hold everyone's attention and give the room a larger feel.  You may use accessories, chairs, and matching throw pillows or a blanket on your leather couch to complete the look.

Thought the use of custom drapery window treatments, and utilizing a variety of options from the color, texture, and pattern of fabrics can quickly transform your room from plain Jane black and white to rich and full of excitement

For a modern look, bring touches of silver or icy blue shades fabrics in the custom drapery. You may also consider lime green or fushcia hues that can add a retro flair to your room.

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