Old World Drapery - LESS is never MORE

A time when LESS was never considered MORE and TWENTY was not the new THIRTY!  When women were considered ladies and men were gentlemen. 

Although, we don't think of a century and a half as being Old World, in this day and time of the Internet, twitter, face book, and smart phones this seems to be light years ago.  Today's society is fast paced and informal.

But for those who reminisce of yesteryear, Period Decor, creativity and some imagination can give your room a nostalgic feel and ambiance. 

You can create a room and setting where people actually to talk to one another opposed to texting or tweeting.  Maybe you can even remember when mom invite your father's boss or the family's Pastor over for an eloquent dinner.

Not to say that we are going for petticoats, but home should be a place that we can slow the pace and instill values that seem to elude our children among their peers, television shows, video games, and social networks.