Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's almost Christmas Time

It's getting close, it's almost that time again. Let look at ideal's from HGTV's Rate My Space, on how one turn his home into a show place! Click on the link, to check out all of the photos on this space, so you can do what I did, and give him top ratings.

Formal Dining at it's best!

Oh my, is it your Anniversary, or Birthday, or Thanksgiving, or Halloween dinner we are having tonight?

This is one of my favorites!!!

Ladies no need to go and buy a book, just look and go through these 50 pages to pick what you want to do to make your dining room table and room look it's best at any time of the year. Please rate this space on HGTV's Rate My Space, just click on the link and go.......


This was stunning to me! I want to know how he gets water all of the plants? Check out his entire property! My hat, if I wore a hat, would be off to this guy and his home!!!! He receive the highest rating from me. Sign up with to rate his "amazing" home on "Rate My Space". or, click, and just follow the link.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Delicious Crimson Swags!

Red, a color adored by few and shuned by many. Although far from demure or docile, if applied with circumspect, it can elevate a room's eloquence while forsaking it's true dominance.