Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where can I find Seamless Execution and a Flawless Design?

Seamless Execution and a flawless design is what goes into a "perfect window treament"and it is how it qualifies for the words "Custom Made" by Beautifullydone Custom Drapery!!

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered what it is that just makes you want to stay a while?? Why am I so happy in this room or space? Why do I feel I will miss this place when I have to go? This often happens when you visit a 5 Star Hotel like ZaZa's of Houston or Dallas or a 5 star restaurant like Brennans of Houston, my personal favoirte, you often feel a void when leaving a certain space that has captured your mind, heart and sprit! This is what is on the mind of those who commit their lives to creating breathtaking window treatments like the staff at Beautifully Done Custom Drapery.

Many wonderful clients have sent us photo's of "our" work days after leaving their home, as though they cannot beleive we have left something so meaningful with them, there is no greater complement then to hear the words "thank you" from a client a week after installing their custom made drapery!!!

We have often found that a Custom Drapery client is often a Little Girl who's Mom is looking for the perfect birthday gift! We all know about the hype behind the Perfect Pincess Birthday party these days, but one should consider the fact that a perfect princess also has a beautiful bedroom adorned with awesome custom window treatments and stunning custom bedding to match.

The good news for Fathers is that this gift will be around for more then one birthday. The perfect little Princesses room, will be a great place for many tea party play days for your little angel. Nothing beats a litte black and white Zebra, lime green, and ofcourse pink in any little Princess, Rockstar's or Diva's Room.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why I love Artist "Kathy Womack", Martha Stewart and Custom Drapery

I am a Woman who loves beautiful things, and my passion is Jesus the Lord, my family and my home. I have always been inspired by Martha Stewart's saying "It's a good thing!"

For me she is saying " that good home decor offers much to be enjoyed"! Martha Stewart has added so much to my life as a mother and wife. She has enhanced my journey with excitement and joy!

Laundry is not my favorite chore, but when I think about the words "It's a good thing!" I think of beautiful towels folded so perfectly, and in an instant, I get excited to fold them just as a luxury hotel would.

Just to know they'll be waiting for my husband after he's has enjoyed a nice long bath or shower makes me enjoy the effort that goes into the perfect fold of each bath towel. I think that every wife should be able to create a space for her family that says's you are from a special place.

Additionally, I also love Mrs. Kathy Womack! My heart melted while visiting her Austin Gallery where I was lost until the gallery found me. Being that I love to create beautiful custom drapery for each client I meet, and I always drawing inspiration from all things beautiful which is exactly what this lovely lady paints" The beautiful life"!
I was blown away by each pair of lovey Beautiful Drapery and rich paint colors pallets and wall treatments.

The beauty of her work for me, is in her ability to capture the richness in each setting. You will be instantly transform by the mere looking at any one of her painting and your will move to a very special place!
I took advantage of my opportunity to pick up three of her paintings in Austin a few years back.
I was also able to meet her in Houston and I was so excited that I had to get the plates she offers as a part of her collection!

However, the funny part of this story is when a guest in my home pull one of the plates out of the cabinet to eat from. I still laugh at the look that I must have had on my face, as a look is worth 1000 words!
Fortunately, I exercised circumspect and kindly point out other plates that were more suitable. You can check Kathy out at www.kwomack.com to see her complete collection.
After getting my first three pieces from Kathy it inspired my favoite selection of Drapery work my, my Dinning Room Drapery totally inspired by some of Mrs. Kathy Womack's work.

By the way Kathy I would love to come to Austin to do your Drapery!!!! Martha you live too far away, I have a 16 month old Baby Girl, that would not be ready for a long road trip yet!

I love beautiful custom window treatments because they allow me to feel as though I am somewhere special.
Beautifully Done Custom Drapery is located in Houston, Texas , and we would love to transform your windows. We can be contact via e-mail beautifullydone@sbcglobal.net to arrange for your personal in home consultation.