Eclectic Style Drapery - The Best Of Both Worlds

Describing a style as Eclectic or Transitional is no more easier than, deciding on what style we adore more; are we more Traditional or if we look a little closer we might find that we also enjoy some Modern and Contemporary touches.  This mixed assortment of styles is in essence the infamy of the style Eclectic.

Although, indecisiveness is nothing new, this style of decorating has become more and more popular with the emergence of numerous designers and furniture manufacturers. With so many delectable choices, who can go with just a single style.

We'll take some those, which are Modern and clean lined, and we'll put them with the family heirlooms that grandma past down, leaving us with what most would call an undefined space or just simply and nicely put Eclectic or Transitional.

No matter what we call it, we just simply love and can't get enough of it.  There's no doubt about it:  It’s here to stay!