Traditional Drapery - What's Your Platform?

Generally speaking, when we say "Drapery" Traditional swagging long hanging drapes come to mind, opposed to saying curtains in which simple straight line panels come to mind.

Traditional Drapery may seem to be a thing of the past, because many of the Generation X and Generation Next either reject grandma or mothers style or they can't get off of the computer to even appreciate it.

Generation Xers are more likely to comprehend the Traditional styling of drapery but not fully embrace it since the Digital Age really exploded during their youth, where as Generation Nexter's are the products of all the outpouring of user friendly technological advancements that they were practically coerce into learning.

While Generation Xers can still remember the rotary phone, Generation Nexters are using droids and smart phones.  Sounds like something out of Star Trek right!  Xers used to write letters while Nexter's text and email. 

The life  of the Nexter is high speed connections, with platforms such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook.  It's no mystery why many of the Nexter's can't really appreicate the Traditional styling of decorating.  They have become accustom to things just needing to be updated every few months.

But hey!  Wasn't all this technology suppose to make life easier and allow us the ability to get more things done innovatively without the compromise of family and friends, meaning more dinner parties and more get togethers to enjoy and appreciate our homes and styling?