Contemporary Drapery - Subtle But Yet Powerful!

Does one have to be meticulous to appreciate contemporary drapery or should we say curtains?  It's not likely that a contemporary designed space will use the word drapery in the rendering of their design scheme.

Call them what you will; but let's face it, when you want to add warmth to a room.

There is nothing that can do it quite like drapery or for my contemporary folks curtains.  

Not furniture, nor flooring, or accessories.  It just doesn't get any plainer than curtains. 

A window just isn't a window without the drapery as a runway is not a runway without the dress.

Without drapery this room would be cold and uninviting.  The drapery serve as the anchor here and tie everything together. 

Nothing would quite have the same impact as the subtle but yet powerful effects of the drapery.  For those whom are overly concern about compromising the view or restricting the sunlight.   Relax!!

Contemporary rooms, generally have more than enough light to create balance.  The spaces are light and airy to begin with.   Clean lines, absence of color, modern touches, and almost sterile. 

You would think you could eat off the floors.