Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 1

My Spring Cleaning List


Let's begin at the street and get the driveway and sidewalks power washed, of all the Fall & Winter's dirt, mud and grime.  My driveway is sort of long so I'll be needing to prepare a lunch.  The garage is filled to capacity, therefore adding the chore of digging out that power washer.  But of course garage is on the schedule to be cleaned and reorganized.

While power washing the drive way and sidewalks, I should be able to clean out a few of the weeds that have settle into the cervices between the slab pours.  This will only represent a small portion of the weeds that will need to be eliminated during this Spring Cleaning and preparation for the most beautiful season of the year.

In addition to eliminating weeds, I will also be inspecting the sprinkler system for leaks and actual coverage to plants that have survived the brutal winter season.  This will just provide a minimal jump start to the next day.

Quick Summary of My Spring Cleaning Schedule:

1 Driveways, Sidewalks,  & Gutters
2 Weeds, Crabgrass, & Insect Control
3 New colorful annuals, & plants.  Prune shrubs & trees
4 Tidy up and replace any missing hard scapes
5 Windows, windows, windows!  Wash the windows and see the house instantly brighten up

6  Next clean the car inside & out ( vacuum, shampoo carpet, wash & wax all the winter neglect )
7  Tackle the garage making 4 piles ( Trash, Give Away, Sale, & Keep )
8  Moving inside;  Will go room by room ( De cluttering, Dusting, Paint Touch Ups, & Stain Treatments )
9  Clean & Re caulk as needed and re grout as needed
10 Fresh coat of paint for trim & baseboards.

11 Organize Closets - Purge all clothes have not been woren in a year or more.
12  Clean walls, picture frames, television screens, and computer monitors.
13  Dust blinds, shutters, drapery, and floral arrangements
14  Flooring; vacuum, mop, and buff floors.
15  Clean air ducts and replace filters

16  Inspect all faucets and fixtures for leaks (repair if necessary)
17  Optimize furniture placement where necessary.
18 Oil any squeaky hinges if necessary
19 Replace any pillow over one year old
20  Eliminate paper piles (Neat machine can help)

When list is completed; take a break relax and enjoy!