Monday, May 30, 2011

The Heat Of Summer Time!

In the heat of the summer there is no shortest of light peering through your windows.  Particularly the two story Texas sized windows.  The bigger the better or the bigger the window the bigger the utility cooling bill.

These large two story windows on our homes will no doubt add beauty, character, and charm to homes and highlight the elevation of the exterior.  But they seem to be the most enjoyable in the cooler months of the year.

In the heat of the summer these huge two story windows will present an abundance of challenges from blinding light piercing through and making the room feel uncomfortable and difficult to maintain climate control to the fading of flooring, furniture, and fabrics.

A simple solution to counter act many of these issues, is to frame or cover the window with beautifully done custom drapery.  Framing the two story window can reduce the effects of the sun by reflecting, diverting, or filtering the sun's powerful rays. 

Covering the window with functional custom drapery is another way to complete close off the window until you are ready to enjoy it's beauty and magnificence.   Ceiling to floor custom drapery with the proper lining will not only keep the room cool but can enhance the decor of the room and make a lasting statement when people enter while at the same instance add elegance and warmth to your room.

When covering the window completely with beautifully done custom drapery you will want to use decorative rods or a beautiful top treatment valance that will conceal the construction of the strings and cords that will allow for the drapery to move back and forward drawing them open and close.

The two story window drapery will not only block out the sun, but they also add beauty and drama to your room with their height and splendor.  When you enter into a room with windows that span twenty feet in height ceiling to floor and are framed with beautifully done custom drapery, you can't help, but to pause.  These drapery will command attention and conversation.

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