Thursday, April 7, 2011

Toddler Has A Zebra Ballerina Princesses Tea Party!

We made it! The party is done and it was a success! So many elements to the Zebra Ballerina Princesses Tea Party!

Selecting a party planner prove to be the most beneficial, to the entire process. The planner was punctaul, efficient, and detailed in every aspect of the party for our toddler right down to the labels for each of the hot pink sippy cups. Which I found to be valuable as they are little people and of course who would want their little girls pretty outfit soaked with liquids.

The hot pink sippie cups were a perfectly fitting, and coordinated well with the little princesses' tiaras and zebra stripped wings. There was a mural that carried the theme of the Zebra Princess Ballerina Tea Party.

The theme of the party became so varied do to our attempts to blend the toddler's zebra inspired room decor which was one of her largest birthday gifts, which included a zebra cowhide rug, zebra comforter, pillow, and the most beautifully done custom drapery.

Many of the girls arrived with adorable ballerina tutu skirts that were simply breathtaking. With the assistance of the party planner we were able to introduce the Tea Party element by bringing in plastic formal Disney tea sets. The party planner thoughts were that the Disney tea sets would allow the girls to enjoy tea time while simutamously eliminating the concerns of damaging the more fagile tea sets.

In the years to come the girls will be able to transition to more fine china such as The Mud Pie Tea Set pictured above. This was one of the birthday gifts purchased by Mommie and Daddy from the Chic Baby located in Houston, TX 281-397-8700

OR, Mommie's favorite collection by Royal Albert, Pattern, Old Courntry Rose, one of the most high collected pattern in the world..

The birthday hat could only be used as a prop, seeing how the 1 year olds seem to be disagreeable to wearing it for any extended amount of time. The party planner exercised her creativity when it came to placing many of the treasured items, that were purchased so long ago when the theme had not been quite established.
If there is to be a princesses, then there has to be a throne, and at this Zebra Princess Ballerina Tea Party, there was one that was completly outfitted with it's very own black and white tutu.

The Party Planner provided a large cardboard castle and washable colors in which the little girls had a blast coloring in washable colors. This turned out to be a great, safe, and fun activity for the little girls.

Finally, the party planner had the little princesses to sit around indian style for the reading of a popular Tea Time book. She simply enchanted them as she read so beautifully to them.

We adorned the Birthday Girl with a custom made zebra birthday shirt with the numeral 1 on it all trimmed out in pink, provided by the party planner as apart of her packages. The outfit was completed with the noisy squeaky shoes by Moo Shoe, which I found at the Chic Baby in Houston, TX

The birthday girls' God Mother found this zebra pinyata for party, which I personally feel in love with.

Desserts, desserts, and more desserts. Total of five different bakers for pastries. Lemon bars from Sweet Luxuries here in Houston, Ms Heather, delivered them to the door, each one with a little note of the words from Psalms 23, which was a big part of our little girls birthday party. We did our best to include it on anywhere it could be printed, from the invitations to the Thank You notes. The Cookie Art Cart here in Houston , Mrs. Janice delivered the most beautiful numeral 1 shaped cookies to the door. The party planner Mrs. S. Monique, provided the Zebra marshmallows, brownies, fruit skewers. Too many cupcakes to count, some provided by the bakery at, Kroger Grocery Store in hot pink, white, and of course a little black. We purchase the cake from the bakery at HEB in Spring, TX which would be a total suprise as the baker had no sample of what type of cake we wanted, only a picture that we provided. Although, there was no evidence of them every making a cake that resembling any of the pictures we provided, it turned out great; both the main cake and the smash cake. The custom made hot pink and black gift basket which included baby wipe case covered in Zebra, trimmed in hot pink, bib, baby doll, and blanket with her name, and so much more was provide by Mrs. Tammy Silva 281-250-6616 in Pearland,TX was one of the birthday girl's more personalize gifts, and will always be a reminder of her very first birthday.

Mission Accomplished, with the assistance of the party planner and Daddy working behind the scenes to carry out all the little details like the wooden tea pot cut out for the front yard, the tear down, and clean up afterwards, and the returning of all borrowed and rented items, Mommie was able to provide the birthday party that she had been dreaming of for her little baby birthday girl. So much Thanks goes to our fanatasic party planner Mrs S. Monique here in Houston, TX, she blew my mind with the sandwiches in the shape of a Crown for our little Prinesses. I hope one day she can show me how she did that, so I can have them for Hope in her lunch box when she goes to school, to make sure she remembers she is Mommies little Princess along with her other two sisters, and two Prince brothers.