Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dad & Grads

Who says that Dads and Grads can't enjoy a Happily Ever After Home?   Yes it's that time of the year for the celebrating of our new graduating class.   So many have work very hard for these memorable moments.  So in an effort to make the most of this special time and milestone in their life, we will host celebrations to show our graduates how proud we are of their accomplishments and set the tone for our expectations of them to not just cross over the stage with the diploma but to cross over from partial responsibility to full responsibility. 

Maybe not all at once, but at a good and steady pace.  So our party will be a bit more sophisticated than celebrations of past.  All our decorations may even seem to be more formal and corporate as we are sending a message in the festivities that the corporate world is ready and waiting for you.  Along with landlords and utility companies.

Of course we are ready to get started with assisting them to make furniture selections and offer decorating tips that they are sure to reject.  We expect that they will attempt to reinvent the wheel and find a unique style that is a juxtaposition for our own.  They just don't understand that we want them to find themselves and their own style, just with a some guidance from us or the assistance of professionals.

Dads are usually not to broken hearted about this time, because he excited that now is his time to make some long overdue changes.  From getting his driveway and garage back to perfecting the man cave.  Of course any interior decor changes will have to be approved by us even though it is his man cave. 

Our recommendations for your new graduates are as follows;  the sofa and windows coverings of course!  Once you these foundational pieces are properly selected, it will be hard for your graduates to make a muck of the space.  Your graduate will be more than willing to allow your input as the accessories are the more affordable elements of the space.   We offer a wide selection of fabrics and textures tosatisfy whatever your new graduate can imagine or dream up.

Our recommendations for Father's Day are as follows;  get going on the man cave right away as the baseball and basketball season's are coming to an end.  As you are sure to be expecting his support with your recent graduate's new domain.  The man cave will look great with some of our leathers and suede's.  We can custom make upholstered cornices with decorative nail heads, flowing panels and coordinating pillows.

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There is still time to have it installed before Father's Day, but hurry and time is running out.   Also CLICK HERE to see our Major Announcement.