Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fabric Pairing

Properly pairing fabric is essential to your project achieving extraordinary or ordinary results.  Many will find that pairing fabrics can be juxtaposed as stimulating and challenging, while others may considered it to be frustrating and complex.

While the majority will utilize the oh so costly trail and error approach placing and replacing furnishing a chair here an ottoman there because it was so beautiful in the store which was professionally paired and merchandised but lost it’s brilliance once delivered to the home.

This is the most common approach follow by those whom purchase the entire collection which in some cases will ease the nerves but is still likely to fall short of the desired affect.

Swatch collecting is a less costly approach, but is less exciting and requires mastery of spatial thinking or visual thinking which is typical for right brain thinkers. While the spatial thinkers may get it right, they more often than not still fall short of extraordinary because creativity will also play a vital role in achieving amazing results.  

For example it doesn’t require great spatial thinking to recognize that denim jeans and a white shirt will pair well together, but it will require some creativity to make them stand apart from the crowd.  That creativity can come in the form of accessories such as bold and colorful earrings, bracelets,  shoes, or hair and makeup.

In order to properly pair fabrics one should process good spatial or visual thinking and creativity.  They will also need the ability to identify and recognize the many different elements in the project’s environment from ceiling to floor.   The many different surfaces and permanent fixtures will have just as much if not more influence as the more frequently changed furnishing.

If you fabric pairing is not your realm but you are want it right contact the fabric pairing experts at Beautifully Done Custom Drapery.  We have many years of experience utilizing Beautifully Done Custom Drapery and soft furnishing to take your project from ordinary to extraordinary.

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