Tuesday, August 6, 2013

American Girl Julie Doll Bed Dream Makeover

American Girl Julie Doll Bed Dream Makeover

Julie is likely one of American Girl Doll's most popular, award winning and sought after dolls and your American Girl Doll collection is likely to be consider incomplete without her.

Julie is one of American Girl's period dolls.  She is representative of the 1970's when women's independence and recognition in the work place and the political scene begin to take rise.  More on her story can be found in the American Girl "Meet Julie Book" Volumes 1 Thur 6.

Many women during this time period began seeking entrepreneurship; starting businesses and career paths.  Julie's story is in part the inspiration for our Dream Doll Bed Makeover.  We encourage you to take each and every opportunity to allow your little decorator to develop her skills.  Below we have the beautiful and well constructed doll bed from American Girl.

The bedding, linens, pillows, and canopy are bright and colorful.   The colors are vibrant, varied, and consistent.  It's all a magnificent job that fits Julie and her time period. 

However, we wanted to allow our very own little decorator to have fun with the original bed to make changes, suggestions, and let her imagination soar.  Our little decorator is already a huge fan of American Girl Dolls so this project was easy, fun, and educational all at the same time.  Below is the outcome of the already well constructed American Girl Doll Bed. 

The transformation began with changing out the orange canopy for some of  our little decorator's favorite colors, pink and white.  She thought it would be best to keep the same shape and design of the original doll bed canopy and only limit the change to the fabric texture and colors.


Our little decorator then decided on a textured fabric containing rose buds for the bed spread and pillow shams.   For the bed spread and pillow sham she chose a beautiful and soft bright pink and for the neck roll she decided on another one of favorite colors fuchsia in which she had Julie to present in the picture.  Our little decorator also wanted to maintain some of the doll bed's original pillows and accessories.  As a result the orange pillow and the multi colored beads remain.

If you would like to order custom bedding and linens for your little decorator's dream doll bed makeover and the matching twin or full size custom bedding; you may contact us at beautifullydone@sbcglobal.net or 281-820-0139.