Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hitting The Trail

Although, ranching has changed over the years where as trains have taken to the plains, and wagons have been traded in for pick up trucks, and in some cases horses have been replaced by all terrain vehicles resulting in the annual trail ride becoming more of a tradition which is alive and well.


The trail rides of today are vastly diverse, encompassing just about every walk of life. Trail Riders of today range from bankers, children, and fire fighters to the actual modern day cowboys and girls.
The trail rides are exciting, and entertaining. The trail riders enjoy the opportunity to interact with family and friends and experience the outdoors much like the days of yesterday year with the exception of a few modern electronic gadgets and devices.

Many of the changes are not limited only to the trail ride and riders, but also include some changes to many of the ranches themselves. While the ranches are still rich in tradition, many of them have implemented modern devices such as irrigation systems, electric generating windmills, and phone service.

While most of the ranches hold true to character, many have added some modern touches including furnishing and Beautifully Done Custom Drapery. We at Beautifully Done Custom Drapery salute all the men, women, and children taking to the trail during rodeo month and as always please feel free to contact us when it comes to your window covering needs at 281-820-0139 or send us an email at