Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ahh Spring Break

It's Spring Break, and while the kids are away enjoying the coast, lake, or bay we can stay at home and be free to maintain a clean house and play.

Yes, I'm fully aware of the sometimes daunting task of Spring Cleaning, which I totally love.  Who can't get excited about having the house to yourself and the full uninterrupted and unchallegened reduction of clutter. 

When the family returns they won't miss any of the unused clutter that the so dearly cling to.  Those worn out shoes in the back of the closet or those magazines that haven't been viewed for months.  While they are dancing to the tunes on the beach I will making things clean and neat marching to my own beat.

Yes, this my time to dress my walls and windows that currently have less on them than the beach goers themselves.  I will start with my sofa and flooring to develop my color scheme and fabric choice.  The flooring will be most dominant as sofas have much shorter life spans. 

However, the sofa is relevant and plays a major role in the selection of my window treatments. 
Not so much the color but more the style.

The sofa type will generally lead me in the proper direction when it comes to style, whehter it's causal, formal, traditional, or eclectic. 

Sofas will also influence the texture of your fabric selection.  Silk, suede, and velvet are always  excellent compliments to leather sofas; while upholstered sofas will provide the most latitude and the greatest ranges of fabrics such as chenille, cotton, or linen.

Finally, I will allow my door handles, knobs, stair railings, lighting fixtures, and ceiling fans to assist me in the selection of my drapery hardware.  I will pay attention to what is present in my room as the last thing that I would like to do is ignore the obvious signs and be forced to reinvest and change out my home's hardware to allow my window treatments to work cohesively.

Once complete, family and friends are sure to appreciate the warm, and comfort of my window treatments and time that I spent working on my room during my Spring Break!   I hope that you and your family enjoy your Spring Break as much I enjoy mine.

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