Sunday, February 26, 2012

Explore The Endless Possibliites Of Cowhide Rugs

It's Rodeo Time, and I can't help but to far in love with my cowhide rugs all over again.  While it's easy to associate Rodeo with horses, cattle and cowhides; you can actual enjoy the intergation of cowhide rugs in your decor all year round and for many years to come.  They are beautiful, elegant, and durable.  After all they are the source of leather that we so enjoy wearing, sitting, and lounging on.

The use of cowhides can be subtle, bold, or focal points.  It's entirely determined by the one own individual style and taste.  There are not to many ways to go a stray when it comes to cowhides.   These days cowhides come in an array and variety of different colors, patterns, and shapes.  Some are cut in the shapes of exotic animals with matching prints.  The most popular are zebra, cheetah, and leopoard.

Your use of cowhides prints can vary from floor coverings to pillows.  The possibilites are simply endless.

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