Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love - War - Peace

It's a New Year and the holidays are over.  Now looking forward we make self evaluations of the accomplishments and short comings of the previous year.  Prepare for spring cleaning and set our long and short term goals.  She's thinking about sweet Valentines in February while he's think about who will be in the Super Bowl.  The dichotomy of preparing for these hugely popular events suggest


Interesting enough she could use some new delicious and elegant window coverings.  Not just any curtains but we are talking about beautiful custom drapery with coordinating pillows and throws.  Now of course he's entertaining the latest in flat screen TV technology.  Three dimensional, 1280p, 240 MHz, high resolution, with the latest in 7.1 surround sound Dolby digital processing.

This could shape up to be an awkward turn of the new year deciding who will prevail, because each feels that they have deferred indulgence for the other.  The room may remain cold, bare and barren or extremely rigid and masculine if not just bright and feminine.

Or is there such a thing as the WIN WIN, a peaceful resolve allowing for the best of both worlds.  A sort of design for the sexes.  A room that they both can be comfortable in and all their visitors can enjoy.