Tuesday, May 11, 2010



When you see baby ruler, you usually think of a measurement device used to determine the size of a small infant.

What about BABY RULES, you would likely be thinking that these are a strict set of guidelines or instructions  laid out by parents for the baby sitter or care provider.

Nice try, but not exactly.  How about the new baby has taken over and become the Ruler of the house.  The new baby of course is our Bundle of Joy, Sugar and Spice and everything nice.

However, it seems that she is now in charge of the schedule, from how late we can stay up; or more like exactly when we are allowed to go to bed and when to wake up. Yes, this tiny little 8 pound wonder is very persuasive knowing just how to get her way with us.

She’s no doubt Queen of the castle. Having us waiting on her hand and feet. “Bathe me!” , “Feed Me!” “Brush my hair!” ,“Take me out for a stroll!” ,“Turn off that TV” ,“Pay attention when I’m speaking!” You just got to love her, the BABY RULER!