Monday, February 1, 2010

COLOR? Bold & Exciting or Scary & Frightening

Choosing and using color can be scary and frightening, but if used properly your project can turn out bold and exciting. The majority of us are conservative and uncomfortable using color.  Nevertheless, our projects materialize as quaint and sometimes monochromic. But, this does not have to be an accepted reality, with such a vast array of colors.

Have you ever heard the analogy, of the three different types of people, those that watch things happen, those that make things happen, and those that wonder what happen?

Trendsetters are people that make things happen.  Using color properly they create bold and exciting spaces. They are the people you see and read about in magazines and articles. Their spaces are envied and marveled.  Many of them are professional designers with many years of training, education, and experience.

The colorful Architecture interior design from Diamond Baratta Design was a headline on the cover of the famous house beautiful magazine like Elle Decor and Architectural Digest..,

here we provide the photos of interior design from Diamon Barrata Design, might be for remodeling your home ideas.

Decorators are those people that watch things happen, by closely monitoring and following the latest in trends established by top designers, they can duplicate practically designer caliber spaces.
There is a decorator at some level in all of us, and many of us attempt to keep pace with the constant change of styles and trends. Whether or not we achieve the desired outcome is entirely another assessment.

Finally, the inept generally wonder what happen. They are typically educated introverts, and are very technical. They are more concrete, less abstract, viewing the world in black and white and missing all the shades and hues in between. They tend to be, what you would call Plain Jane or monochromic. They play it safe or they may enlisted the assistance and direction of a professional designer, decorator, family member, or friend that they trust to warm up their space.

Color can be infused into any space utilizing many different surfaces and features from flooring, ceilings and walls, to furnishing and drapery. Accompanied by your own personal style, current trends, and the use of color wheel theory you can achieve a magazine worthy project.

Bottom line; when it comes to color, it can be intimidating and challenging, but when properly used it can be stimulating and exciting.

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